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about caterina

Our Story
Caterina is a brand of commercial kitchen and cleaning appliances that has serviced the East African market for close to two decades. Owned by Hypermart LTD (owner of Ramtons domestic appliances) – Caterina is amongst the top in the region.

What We Offer
Amongst our hundreds of items, from commercial refrigeration to commercial ovens to food displays and more, you will be sure to find something to suit your needs. Fryers for restaurants, ovens for bakeries, coffee machines for cafes & vacuum cleaners for commercial use – you will be able to find the right equipment for your foodservice or cleaning businesses.

Service Center
Hypermart LTD owning both Caterina and Ramtons – has a large number of qualified and trained in house technicians. We offer client site visits while also stocking a substantial number of spare parts.

Our Product

What We Serve

  • Commercial Oven at Caterina
  • Food and Dough Mixer at Caterina
  • Bread Slicer at Caterina
Double deck ovens, powerful mixers, bread slicers and much more. Whether you’re mixing a thick batter or baking complicated cake recipes -you can find the right appliance for all your baking needs.
  • Meat Slicer at Caterina
Meat slicers, bone saws and more- we have the right equipment to streamline your butchery businesses and needs.
  • Floor Scrubber1 at Caterina
  • Floor Scrubber2 at Caterina
High grade floor scrubbers for hotels floors, powerful vacuum cleaners for those dusty carpets and much more.
  • Commercial Freezer at Caterina
  • Juice Dispenser at Caterina
  • Food and Dough Mixer at Caterina
  • Ice Cube Maker at Caterina
With a large range of both cooling & freezing appliances – you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. Robust double door stainless steel fridges, showcase refrigerators and freezers, under counter chillers and much more.
  • Commercial Gas Burner at Caterina
  • Commercial Toaster at Caterina
  • Rotisserie+Warmer at Caterina
  • Commercial Cappucino Machine at Caterina
  • Coffee Grinder at Caterina
  • Deep Fryer at Caterina
We have high grade standing cookers with thick cast iron utensil supports, an array of fryers for your chicken and chip shops, doughnut makers, sandwich makers, commercial coffee machines and much more.
  • Potato and Vegetable Slicer at Caterina
  • Bain Marie at Caterina
  • Tea Urn at Caterina
Whether you’re selling a beautiful buffet of food, cakes or even sodas- they must be preserved and displayed in the right equipment. Showcase displays, tea urns to keep your hot drinks hot, bain marie to keep your buffet piping hot – we have it all.
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